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Dec 31, 2012 10:00pm EST
, i hope we can &plast day, as we puu two peopl together basically to esolve t" this."yarmuth says::"the american people are looking att congress with disdain and rightfully ss. with the deadline of the fisccl cliff only hours away, we failed to to move the economy forward o the middle class." thhehouse is scheduled to come back tomorrow at noon hhre in maryland...the ownerof seeeral restaurant is nervously ann breakthrough. and as john businesssan is worried... what wwll bbein the deal deal they're countinggdown thh king...hates to beethe grinch. but he's received no president...or congress...that fiscal imminent. "i think 2013 will bring a lot off uncertainty and a lot of challenggs."kiig owns severall restaurants ...and ffars... that starting new year'' day...there'll beautomatic the federal payroll tax.(king) "and itts a the board for all of oor empllyees, they''e gging to feel it, their paycheckks going to feel it, we're going percent."king says y that two - ...that...combined with addittonal impleeent...the new health caae law...could
Dec 31, 2012 8:30pm EST
together. he wanted peace without any territory which, of course, didn't happen. now, just two weeks after clay's speech, the 30th congress convened in washington, and guess who was there? abraham lincoln. abraham lincoln heard clay's speech in lexington because he was visiting the town on his way from springfield to washington, d.c.. he was visiting mary's family in lexington and while he was there, he got to hear henry clay speak. it was a tremendous thing for lincoln. lincoln always idolized clay calling him the ideal politician, and to have the opportunity to actually hear clay speak was a huge thing for him. lincoln, when he was young, carried around a book of clay's speeches and read them to himself. when he was a young man, he was the president of the clay club and asked henry clay to speak in springfield, and he didn't come. this was lincoln's opportunity to meet the politician he respects and admires the most, and he heard clay give a speech against the war: perhaps t nos the surprising when lincoln's in washington, rather than talking about tariffs or economic issues that motivat
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Jan 1, 2013 3:00am PST
together last year. go through this drama two or three months down the road. it's all self-serving and all ridiculous. >> juliet: that's why polls show americans have a horrible opinion of the way congress is. >> they really should have a horrible opinion of the way congress acts. the real fiscal cliff beneath our feet is the $16 trillion in debt that's going to continue to go higher and higher and the lost opportunities. this country is nowhere near living up to its greatness that we possess. nowhere near it. >> steve: let's see. we're just starting a new year. we can be optimistic burks -- but relickicly? >> it could have been worse. >> juliet: thank you, charles. happy new year. >> brian: that could be the cover of anthony robins you -- new book. >> juliet: still ahead, have you made a new year's resolution, chances are you did. father john shows us how faith can help you keep it. >> steve: how about dinner and drinks wednesday night with the girls? forget it. we'll tell you who is pulling the plug on ladies night. oh, oh ♪ fare thee well ♪ farewell ♪ mr. gloom be on your way ♪
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3